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If you ever thought going fully bare down there is a modern trend, think again. It turns out women have been putting themselves throughout the routine for a very long time. If you are feeling slightly nervous about your waxing appointment, please bare in mind you wont be the first or last wax that Angela does.

Before Your Wax:

Professional unisex body waxing studio in Hazel Grove

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Tips and Tricks for the best results

Silky smooth from top to toe using precise and consistent techniques.

The importance of making your wax treatments as quick and comfortable as possible.

Aftercare Advice:

For the next 12 - 24 hours it is important to avoid

To avoid in-growing hairs it is important to gently exfoliate the area after three days and twice weekly thereafter

A final word of wisdom - do not shave in between waxes. If you need to get rid of a few hairs, grab the tweezers instead for a quick option.

Facts and Tips


Why is waxing more painful some times than others?

Do's and Dont's